5 Secret Tips to Increase Mobile Experience

In an increasingly mobile world, car shopping habits and strategies are changing. Not only is the bulk of the car-buying process accomplished online, it is increasingly accomplished using a smartphone. More than half of the visits to your site will be on a mobile device. Is your site ready?

Responsive Design

Websites built on a responsive platform will rank higher in a Google or Bing search than any other type of site because the search engines only see one destination for all types of traffic. This means that your performance metrics are not diluted by being spread over multiple sites, and your relevance increases. This, in turn, brings down the cost of SEM campaigns and increases the effectiveness of your online advertising.


Accessible Home Page

Have you ever tried to enter data on a screen other than your own, and felt like you’re all thumbs? Smartphone touch-screens are not necessarily as precise as some may think. To make your mobile visitor as comfortable as possible when they first arrive on the home page, make sure you offer large, well labeled points of entry to all major portions of your site.



Tap To Call Opportunities

As mobile use increases, we are seeing the number of phone calls rise as the number of web forms drops. Smartphone users prefer to call. Make sure the option is always on screen, not just in the header of every page. The icons should follow the user down the page as they scroll so the call can be made at any time.

Similarly, be sure that logical next steps are always only a tap away. Large buttons with clear calls to action will help your buyer find the information they need.



Give a Helping Hand

If a shopper does end up on a form page, make it a simple as possible. Don’t ask for any more information than you need, and pre-fill any information you can. The faster and simpler the form is, the more likely you are to get the lead.



Don’t Ignore Your Shopper

Not all buyers are bottom of the funnel yet. Most are still in the research phase. Be sure to make it easy to find the kind of information that will position you as the authority, and the go-to place to learn more.

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