7 Things the Top Honda Dealerships Do to Be Successful . . .
Number 3 Will Shock You!
1 Take REAL photos of new cars.
It will increase conversion by double digits.
2 Pick one vehicle per day, preferably a used one,
and feature it on Facebook.
Don’t forget to pay to boost it. Call it the “daily deal.”
3 This one is mind blowing . . .
Target your competitors with Geo-Fencing.
It’s an amazing way to conquest other dealers’ businesses.
Click here to watch a video about what it is and how it works.
4 Move your aging inventory by doing detailed video walk-arounds of those particular vehicles.
Upload the videos to the vehicle detail page and results pages.
Also, do an email promoting them; your video should be 8-12 minutes long.
Click here to get a step by step guide of how to do this.
5 Measure every stage of the lead funnel,
starting with the time the lead is received from the website.
• Response time for a quality response.
• Lead contacted/converted
• Appointment Shown
• Vehicle Sold
Doing this will allow you to find “leakage” in process.
6 Don’t print off leads and hand them out!
Have an assigned team responsible and measure results daily!
7 Develop a lot of content in video and text that is beneficial to your website visitors.
Make your website a shoppers’ resource to gather information and ultimately
they will make the decision to do business with you!
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