Unveiling a Brand New Website Platform Tailored for US and Canadian Honda Dealers

Want Your Website Built for the New Year? Only 37 Openings Left!

Personalized Design

Your website should represent your brand. It should match the look and feel of your dealership and it should remain consistent throughout. Our latest Honda platform will incorporate these aspects into every detail of your dealership’s website, while still maintaining Honda standards.

Smart Fencing

Is there a specific group or demographic in your market that you would like to reach? With Smart Fencing—our proprietary geo-fencing software—you can target any group using a desired radius or area. Reach businesses and local communities; conquest customers near competitor markets; or simply reach your preferred demographic with a few simple steps.

Smart Client Analytics

Analytics that tie directly to your website platform, and covers all of your digital campaigns, across multiple channels. Save time by eliminating the need to use Google Analytics – since Google data is already included in Smart Client.

Free Upgrades

These days, every piece of technology you own is aging, by the second. There’s nothing worse than having to pay to upgrade something you’ve already purchased. With a DLD Website, you will never have to pay for a routine upgrade. Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your product will always be fresh and up-to-date.

24/7 Support and Performance Manager

We provide round-the-clock technical support for you, whenever you need it. Our support and performance managers are here to assist you with any question or concern, no matter how big or small. Customer service is our main concern and we look forward to helping you.

Robust User Interface

This platform provides all the control you would ever need to build custom landing pages, add videos to any page, change images, and even add additional apps to even further personalize your website. The possibilities are never limited.

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