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What will a responsive website do for you and your dealership?

Right now, your phone is probably an arms-length away from you. Since most people have a mobile phone within reach at all times and more than 50% of consumer traffic to websites is from mobile devices, the best solution is to have a responsive DLD website.

SIMPLE MAINTENANCEA responsive DLD website allows you to make your own changes on one website that will change across all platforms. Responsive web design gives you ease of access to the back end of your website and saves you time you would normally spend updating multiple website platforms. You’ll have one website and one URL optimized for all devices!

POSITIVE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCEA responsive web design is optimized for desktop and mobile experience, which means it will be easier to navigate your site and customers will keep coming back for more. Responsive sites have one URL, which means you can track the visitor across all devices.

HIGHER CONVERSION RATESIf you’re giving clients and customers a positive experience on every device, ease of access will make customers more likely to spend more time on your site and return at a later date. Not only will this lower your bounce rate, it will also increase your conversion rate. 

BUILT-IN SEOGoogle loves responsive websites! Websites built on a responsive platform will rank higher in a Google or Bing search because these search engines only see one URL for all types of traffic. This means your performance metrics are not diluted by being spread across multiple sites, which increases your relevance. This, in turn, brings down the cost of SEM campaigns and increases the effectiveness of your online advertising.

Having a responsive DLD website will give you a new way to display your digital showroom across all devices. Your website will be optimized for each customer whether they’re on-the-go or sitting at home on a desktop computer. DLD websites are also custom created. Click here to learn more.

What will a responsive website do for you and your dealership?

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