Website Marketing Tip #004

The Correct Answer Is A!

Over the last year, live streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope have gained a lot of public attention and interest. Now Facebook has joined the live streaming party which has contributed to the explosion of sharing real time video content.

See how Live Streaming can help drive more leads.


Does Your Website Include All These Conversion Making Tools?

Dealer Arcade
Have you ever played a game online? If you answered yes, then you are not alone. 390 million people play at least one online game in an average month. So, the Dealer Arcade was created as a unique approach to increase time on site. Your customers have the chance to win service offers and other prizes or discounts of your choosing.
Dealer Arcade
Our Smart Fencing feature enables you to target clients within a specified location with specific messages and offers when they arrive on your website. You can use Smart Fencing to target:
- Military Bases
- Colleges
- Dealerships
- Vehicle Repair Shops
- Tire Shops
- Affluent Communities
- Credit Challenegd Areas
- Shopping Centers
- Large Employers
- Specific Inustries & More!
Dealer Arcade
Vehicle Compare
With the Vehicle Compare feature, shoppers can see three vehicles at the same time and compare specific features or attributes. They can, more confidently, make a buying decision by seeing what features they need in a car, versus what each car has to offer. Shoppers typically have to go to a 3rd party or manufacturer site to compare models or trim levels. With DLD Websites and the ability to compare just about any aspect of the vehicles your customers are interested in, they will find it easier to make a decision on their next vehicle.
Dealer Arcade
Weather Conditions
With Weather Conditions you now can adjust your DLD Website to display different messages for the visitors that are on your website when it rains/snows, or when the temperature is above or under certain degrees. Show them a winter wiper blade special as it is snowing outside. Receiving the right message at the right time is what your customers will experience with this feature.
Dealer Arcade
Hot Leads
Utilizing the Marketing Automation software, your website is tracking who is on your website and the content they are viewing. Lead scoring takes place based on each specific customer’s information and engagement on the site. Each day your website will generate a list of potential customers based on website interaction. This translates to a perfect call list for your sales team to use each day. You will be able to open communication with customers much earlier on in the process and provide a customer experience they have never received before.
Dealer Arcade
Exit Gadget
Exit Gadget is your last defense against the bounce. With user-behavior tracking software that can predict when a person is about to leave your website, you can stop a bounce from ever happening. This tool mimics the T.O. that is part of every dealerships strategy in the showroom. Exit Gadget serves a specific offer to customers based on the page they are trying to exit from and generates additional leads from a customer who was one click away from leaving your website.
Dealer Arcade
Referring Urls
Referring URLs allow us to target only the people that come from social media websites, like Facebook and Twitter with custom messages and offers. If a customer comes to your website from Facebook we can have a message giving them an offer for being Friends with you. Presenting the right message at the right time in front of the right audience increases conversion of your DLD Website.
Dealer Arcade
Build A Car
Our Smart Build technology offers shoppers the ability to build and customize their preferred vehicle before they even step foot on your lot. Once the shopper chooses their model, trim, color and accessories they are able to compare other vehicle builds while saving their progress along the way. This is rarely seen in a dealership website and often leaves your customers no choice but to abandoned your website and utilize a 3rd party.
Dealer Arcade
On Site Retargeting
On Site Retargeting is built to monitor the interest or intention of the shopper on your website. As they browse your inventory we track which vehicles or content they view. When they return to your site, this previous engagement allows for a seamless embedding of personalized, retargeted content and offers into the web experience based on previous visit. On Site Retargeting focuses on people who have demonstrated interest in a vehicle and gives them messages of Recently Viewed Vehicles or Similar Vehicles so we convert from “I’m just looking” to “I’ll take it.”
Dealer Arcade
Live Broadcasting
At any given time, a customer is shopping your inventory, deciding whether to purchase a car from your dealership. They have questions, and want to know what they’re getting before they make the commitment to buy. Some would rather even know before they test drive. For the majority of shoppers, time is of the essence. That’s why we created live streaming options on DLD Websites. New technologies like Periscope, Meerkat, and Facetime, allow you to be closer to the customer than ever before. DLD Websites allows customers to click on a button, fill out their contact information, and gain access to a live stream of the exact car they want to buy. Your salesperson gets notified, sets up the appointment, and then begins demoing the car with live questions from the customer. Shoppers want complete transparency, especially when considering such a large purchase. When they are able to see their car LIVE, this will help them make up their minds, saving time for your sales team, and helping you establish value in a way your competitors are not.
Dealer Arcade
Wish List
This feature gives customers the opportunity to ‘save’ a vehicle they are interested in once they have registered. The only information required is their email address. Once the customer registers and starts saving vehicles, they can then return at a later time to view this same vehicle without having to remember the VIN or even exact trim level. Should that exact vehicle be sold, the feature will populate a similar vehicle. This feature is built with the intentions of ease for customers. Gone are the days of emailing a link or adding it to your favorites to show your spouse later.
Dealer Arcade
Custom Page Builder
Our Custom Page Builder allows you to make your website a resource. Most website platforms do not have the content your customers ACTUALLY want to know while doing their research. Using this tool you can create landing pages in any style or format you want for all steps of the sales funnel. You can manipulate the form to gain as much or as little information as you want from your customers. This tool gives you all the capabilities you need for SEO to create high ranking and high converting content on your website.
Dealer Arcade
Hot Deals
So often we see no focus on service and parts on dealership websites. This is your quickest way to customer acquisition. Using our Hot Deals tool you can promote a specific offer on your parts and accessories. This tool is prominently placed in the header of your website with an urgent count down clock to promote a quick action. This tool generates leads in a unique way and generates foot traffic right into your dealership.
Dealer Arcade
Custom Design
The DLD Websites team has developed a responsive design, which translates seamlessly from desktop, tablet, and down to mobile devices. This all happens with a smooth transition, and your clients still receive the information they seek. With a non-responsive platform, information is lost, and, conversion forms aren’t always shown. In an industry thriving off leads, we want you to have more opportunities, not less. Our goal is to create a website that stands out from the competition and focuses on the dealership’s unique branding and unique selling proposition. If your dealership has a spokesperson or personality, we’ll design a custom homepage that focuses on your unique brand and help separate you from dealers in your market.
Dealer Arcade